The Applicant (hereafter also referred to as: “entrant(s)”, “candidate(s)”, the “filmmaker(s)”, or “you”) to the Grand Teton Film Festival (hereafter also referred to as: the “festival”, “GTFF”, the “event”, “we”, and “us”) is required to acknowledge and adhere to the rules and regulations as described in the following sections. Entry to the festival is by volunteer action of the candidate and acceptance into the event is granted by GTFF as a privilege to those applicants who; meet all requirements; respectfully communicate with festival officers and personnel; seek to maintain a safe and educational environment; seek to promote the art of film and filmmaking; and who demonstrate the willingness to maintain the wholesome integrity of the event through appropriate behavior at all festival activities and locations. This privilege can be rescinded by GTFF at any time for any reason as stated in the sections below.